Sunday, March 27, 2011

* How do you ACT in a impossible situation ? *

How is it you usually act in the most impossible situation ?  

1. Do not grow bitter @ God.
2. Focus on what you do have & not what you don't have.
3. Step out on the bare word of God.
4. Use what you have been given.
5. Appreciate your first breath when you wake up.
6. Give of yourself to others.
7. Thank him for every meal.
8. Learn to use your patience in this time.
9. Spend time devoted to God.
10. Work hard on your "re-actions" to be stronger for the next situation you will encounter in this life.

Always remember :

And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.
Romans 8-28

I myself have walked through many tribulations but walking through the fire during this two year loss of my autistic girls to foster care all because of a 3-day stay in the hospital for depression then being diagnosed myself with Aspergers @ 46 & thinking it was social services that was being so wicked with me in keeping my children away from me but reading a book called "Trusting God" has opened my eyes in learning to understand this was God's plan all along to draw me closer to him & I have as I have grown so much in loving Jesus & giving up myself in the flesh in order to find my soul & it's been a awesome journey and I know God is working on me hard to prepare me for his kingdom. You to can be blessed in all areas of a impossible situation if you believe in the most powerful, loving, giving & gentle heavenly father because he is their & wants you to follow & believe in what he can do for you. I pray my story can & will inspire you to accept what Jesus wants from you in ALL situations. God Bless You~!!

Monday, March 7, 2011


 My sister was born premature weighing @ only 4 lbs. despite being so small mom said she was a fighter. When she came home I knew I was going to love her none the less. She grew slow & I was always dragging her around in something mostly my baby's buggy as she fit just like the dolls did. I helped mommy change her,feed her & even rock her to sleep. She had many problem's as their were many visit's to the hospital & doctor's office through it all we were the best of buddies. I sang to her when she was scared & told her stories about Jesus to comfort her @ night. We both actually had feeding issues @ 6 month's I was even in the hospital with a feeding tube up my nose but mom later found out we had a wheat & gluten allergy and issues with milk to. I love my sister & I helped tie her shoes so we wouldn't be late for the bus, I even fixed her breakfast some times so momma could sleep a little longer cause my sister didn't always sleep well at night. I remember one time when we took a bath together I washed her hair & made it look like a mo-hawk with the shampoo. I played many games with her & even hid so hard during hide 'n' seek I'd finally give myself up it was to hot in that closet. We have grown so close as we are only 19 months apart anyways. Being she went to the doctor a lot she like to play that but with me getting all the shot's & stuff down my throat but I let her knowing that's what good sister's do. I even showed her how to draw her own name when she became frustrated & couldn't do it alone. We shared many,many good times together even when she was diagnosed with autism @ 7 yrs. old I told her don't be sad, your still very smart & are better @ the monkey bars then me & later when I was diagnosed with Aspergers @ 11 she said now we really have a bond & your way more talented at drawing then me so we each have something to be very proud of in ourselves. Our bond is strong and will be united together forever & always because we are sister's. I love you my little sis~!!!   M.S.