Saturday, May 14, 2011

A letter to GOD

Hello God,
Just checking in to tell you I prayed with my neighbor Ava's family like you asked of me and it felt good despite not even knowing them~! She checked out of this world this past mother's day weekend, theirs laughter coming from her apartment as they move things, I sure hope it's all because they know you. It's been a struggle because you know who has been trying to get me to feel depressed but I am not because if you can do for me what you've done and given me a better heart & soul deeper in love with you, then anything is possible. This fiery trial is only temporary and even if it goes by in years they go so fast cause I know your coming. I was blessed to be a mom as long as I was given and very thankful for that. My girls love me & you love them so much more I know!
I instilled good morals & important values & directed them to you, so now it's time for them to follow you by what they have learned from me & this brings me comfort. As the most important role I could of been given here on earth, being a mother was a very precious gift & even though my girls are not grown or with me @ this time it is your will they will blossom & grow in you I pray. I am blessed to be called by you, Lord & be one of your many warriors! Lot's of bad thing's happen to good people and I never understood until now. You use us for the ones who do not know what a wonderful, awesome God you are, we are teacher's without a degree but guided by the every best loving hand of a father I am so glad to know. If it weren't for your grace I could not be who I have become today~!! God it is my prayer, you'll not only look after and care for my girls but each and every child you gave as a gift from above. Forgive me God if there were times in my rush in life I did not pause to say thank you for all I have been given & even taken away. I am so happy for the unbelievable strength you have given for me to go on, and learn from my mistakes & never give the devil a hold but instead make him a footstool for my feet. I am who I am only because of your loving grace & all the times you carried me through the battlefield. Thank you God for choosing me & even in giving up something so dear to my heart, I have learned it's not what we love but how we love! Let my light shine for you God to glorify you & give wisdom to those that "no not what they do" and offer my teaching to all who want to listen & learn it's not about our trial but how we choose to walk through it and not to fear what is to come very soon. Thankful for the masterpiece you created in me.

                   Love to you, your precious child Linda

"You are a letter....written not with a pen and ink but with the spirit of the living God."    2 Corinthians 3:3  Niv