Wednesday, December 28, 2011


   I am the person who I have become today only by the good graces of Jesus Christ~!!
Despite what anyone want's to believe or chooses not to see, I have been transformed into what the Lord has wanted me to become for him. This is what matters in this life as we are to being living examples for him to help save souls. I can see renewal in me every single day and so darn proud of it. 

These are just a few :

1. I went over and prayed with my neighbor when her mother was passing away. I didn't know these people it was something I was led to do by the holy spirit and may her soul now rest with Jesus.

2. I have been a light in the world when there is none, like Christmas day I was walking my dog and a lady was digging in the garbage for cans. I stopped and said "Merry Christmas, don't forget Jesus loves you and he even provides the cans that help you." She replied "Yeah, food, food I buy food." so as I continued walking two young adult men were outside and one replied "Merry Christmas" and I said "Merry Christmas, Jesus loves you." He said "Sometimes" and I replied back "No all the time." He said "Yeah, just kidding" I may not impact everyone but I try and this pleases God.

3. I went to the beach this summer and parked as I do backed in to watch the sunset. A man was walking down the strip and his shirt said "Jesus love you" so he came over to my car and asked me "do you know Jesus as your personal savior." I said "Well yes I do." then he replied "are you afraid to tell everyone." "I replied absolutely not." He then said "Then let's go, get out of your car and let's go tell everyone." So I did, walked up and down the strip telling strangers (Gods children) do you know Jesus loves you. It was great as most accepted with a "thank you" and some did nothing, but none were negative. There was one out of the entire bunch who started to cry and we prayed with her. I was filled with so much joy it was incredible.

4.One day I was in Escondido and had gone to a doctors appointment but was waiting on another appointment so I stopped into a McDonald's to get a bite and check my mail on my phone. As I was in line I wasn't sure what I wanted so I stepped aside allowing the other person to go first. The black lady proceeded but asked me if I wanted a egg mc muffin as they were two for $350 so I wasn't sure what to say, she again asked saying I won't eat them both. So I agreed and not having much cash wanted to pay her for mine but I only had .72 cents on me as I use my debit card. So I handed her it she said "I don't want your money." but I insisted, so she took it. I ordered me a drink and payed for it. As we waited a thought came into my head "Ask her if she has anyone to eat with." so I did and she said "Sure." we sat down and as I like to pray for my food, I kindly asked her if she'd care if I prayed. She was excited and said "yes please." So I did we continued to eat and I noticed her badge said "Joan ......social worker" and I thought glory to God, this is a test and I am going to pass it. We talked and I shared my story, she briefly told me she didn't work for the county anymore 12 yrs. was enough as she saw horrible things and due to not removing enough kids she was rep-remanded so she is doing a job for God, a medical social worker helping families when their loved ones are dying. So she needed to get back to work and I was so glad I was glorifying Jesus in the test he had given me to pass. She told me I communicated very well to her. I just need to please Jesus, not people as in this delights him.

5. One night I was hit from behind and as a police officer arrived we talked then he passed me off to his supervisor and as he was trying to explain to me about why it wasn't considered a hit and run even though she did not stop and exchange information, I wasn't getting it. So I said to him excuse me officer I am not dumb, I just have Aspergers which in processing some things is hard for me could you re-explain it and to my surprise he did after saying "My 10 yr. old son has this and we have lived with him since 5 trying to understand it better, so I take the time for him h needs me to listen or explain." I was in shock the concern, patience and compassion officer Blackwell had with me just because he has lived with a son who has it so it made him far more understanding, more patience, more compassion, better acceptance for a adult as myself. Now this is what this world needs is ACCEPTANCE, COMPASSION,PATIENCE, & UNDERSTANDING~!! Our world could be such a better place to live and be apart of.

Thanks be to Jesus for helping me in growing in Character, patience with people, love, humility, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, trust, grace and all you want me to be, to be a living, breathing example of you and what you want me to share with others. Thank you for this trial that has made me grow in all areas you have wanted me to grow. I am who you created me to be and darn proud of it~!! I give you all the glory be to God, wonderful, creative, master of this universe and world.  

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