Thursday, September 15, 2016


I am writing this blog per requested by my 17 yr. old autistic daughter Shellbe. She wants to do a shout out & say a prayer to her idol & role model SELENA GOMEZ.

Shellbe got tickets to her revival tour because her mom found some on a special site called "Be neighborly Kirkland" where we live in Washington. Shellbe was a victim of kidnapping & abuse at the hands of CPS & there ability of power. She was abused and kept from her mother for 6 years. So now that were happily together and moving on, Shellbe never got to do anything fun, while others in the homes went to Disneyland & such she was made to stay home. So this was my treat despite living below poverty I wanted Shellbe to experience life. So I found out Selena was coming to Seattle and got these cheap seats way up high but it was for her & it was her very first concert. Since the concert in May 2016 Shellbe has become very upset over the recent news of Selena being sick. She researches everything, so she looked up Lupus and asked me can she die from this, I said only if Jesus wants to take her. Shellbe shared with me, that inspired her to want this blog written. She only reads at a 1st grade level and can only write her name but she has a lot to say in that brain of hers. She told me "Mom you know that song Selena sing's 14 karat, well she is worth that and more in God's eyes huh." I said "Of course." She said "That's why I like her as my role model, does she know she is worth more then 14 karat's to God ?" "I hope & pray she does." I responded. "Can I send her a tweet and tell her I am proud of her & praying for her, mom ?" Shellbe asked. As I sat quietly, I watched the wheels turning in her head and a few moments later Shellbe said "Mom, can I tell Selena how much I am praying for her and want everyone else to do the same?" "Yes I replied to her." About 30 minutes went by and she returned to me and stated "Mom I found this scripture for Selena, can you put it in the blog so she can read it, then she will know how much God is taking care of her." "Sure I said, with a cheerful smile." Selena here is her scripture she wants you to read. "Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." Psalm 31:24 Shellbe knows what she is talking about because Shellbe was touched by a angel in foster care 2 times. Now even though she said she was afraid of her wings, she noted the angel was beautiful & wanted to comfort her by asking to hug her. Now a lot of you may not believe but I do because she was non-verbal the first time it happened but told me everything including her name, well years later in another abusive situation the very same angel with the same name came again to comfort her while she was alone in foster care. God does love us all and has "his way" of keeping us safe & protected. Selena, there is one last thing Shellbe wants you to know. She took a picture by your big poster's at the concert and your hanging on her pink walls in her bedroom. Now she doesn't have but a couple of friends and has never looked up to someone she didn't really know but you impacted her life by just being who you are as an example, so as her mom I thank you for that. Take care of your health priority and move on from the lost soul JB as you are far more worth 14K and don't forget it~!!!!!! Blessings my friend.
                        Love you, Linda & Shellbe


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