Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*** THREE MONTH'S EXACTLY *** A momma lost without her babies

  Today is January 19th 2011 exactly 3 months ago I was cut off my entire contact  with my precious girls. This is beyond cruel as none of us has done no wrong~!! To alienate a mother from her two daughter's & with special needs is way beyond cruel, how these people sleep @ night I wonder but I know I pray for your souls. I am well adjusted due to my savior living within me as I know "people" cannot & will not do anything more to me then he will allow~!! I am strong & will not be defeated~!! It's their souls they must worry about as if your a christian and believe he states in his book "Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord." I pray everyday & know my wonderful savior will care for his children & keep them safe. Ignorance or just plain stupidity is no reason to tear a family apart. I will never forget a social worker telling me he placed my older daughter in a academy for exceptionally bright children because she could go far as she didn't have the problems me & my youngest had, now if that wasn't insinuating our intelligence I don't know what it was. Night's are the hardest time for me because it was because I was their every night to tuck them in for bed, kiss them goodnight, tell them how much I loved & cared for them and of course their big hugs. If you think any human being on the spectrum doesn't have a emotional connection with those they love & care for well I am here to tell you your absolutely wrong~!! I connected on every level & even added some of my own. Our bond will NEVER be broken no matter how hard social services tries. I am their momma and will always be. My older child once said "Mom you know even if they kept me until I was 18, you know right where I'll come back to." She's aware after 18 anyways the state has no more use for them as they don't bring them in funds so as you have heard with many stories of other's they are dumped right onto the street's when they turn 18. As you all know what a sham our so called government is as it cover's up many, many things. Today I will say some extra prayer's for my babies and let them know my dear children you are loved, wanted, missed and will NEVER be forgotten about~!! Keep the faith and let Jesus spirit rule in your heart's and God will do the rest. Praise you my heavenly father. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo  my beloved daughter's momma's here~!!!!!!

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