Thursday, January 6, 2011


  What defines your capabilities as a mother ? I thought if you loved, nurtured, directed, feed, clothed, protected, meet all their needs this was a good parent ? Well as I wrote a letter to my current attorney and told her attorney's usually defend people they believe in their innocence and all I wanted was her to believe in me. As I gave my girls the most structured environment I could of ever done and proud of it. If it was for me in seeing to it Shellbe had all her needs met with her physical problems she had like taking her in to see a doctor when she wasn't walking @ 18 mos. and the doctors wanted to ignore it to her prematurity and I said "No, something is wrong" well given a MRI they finally said "She has mild brain damage" so then when she continued to walk 24/7 on her toes I took her in again and was told she had tight heel cords and needed surgery. So after that and out of her casts she was placed in braces for 2 1/2 yrs. this child needed them put on every single day before the bus arrived, well being she couldn't do it herself I was their~!! Then as time went on and Shellbe fell all the time I again took her in to see someone and find out she is almost legally blind in both eyes. Then between her sister Montanna and her they both have had P.E. tubes placed surgically in the ears 10 x yes 5 x each child and I was their for that. Many times Shellbe was hospitalized for rota virus, lung issues, failure to thrive, I lost count but I was their each and every single time. Then Shellbe was up like clockwork @ 4:00 a.m. every single morning getting ready for school, well I surely didn't lay in bed and sleep I was up watching her making sure she was safe. Then she was a runner like many autistic children so I put locks up high out of her reach so she stayed safe in the home. Shellbe was messing her pant's until the age of 7 but if I was persistent like I was and worked hard with her she'd be in diapers today @ 12 again I was their for that. She was behaviorally off the charts biting,spitting,kicking,yelling until some moms on a autistic forum told me take away the wheat,Linda and you will see change so I did for 5 yrs. this child stopped bleeding in her stool, stopped vomiting and her behavior improved greatly but if I had not tried it I wouldn't be a good mom but social services has said "She has been obsessed taking her to many doctor's." and "Incapable of meeting these children's special needs due to her diagnosis." What I say, who was their meeting all their needs in the past and I have had Aspergers my entire life but was just diagnosed @ 46 yrs. of age. So people am I unfit to be a parent due to a mild disability ? Oh and I must mention to those who don't know I have a adult 26 yr. old daughter who is NT and has made her way quite nicely in life she say's "all because of you momma" so you be the judge and let me know your opinions of what characterizes us a a "GOOD PARENT" ??

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  1. I pray that you will get your kids back if you haven't gotten them. I also very much admire the work and courage that you have brought forward, what you have been doing is awesome I believe. I would like to help you if possible. If you respond, I'll let you know how you can get ahold of me.