Friday, July 15, 2011

Clinging onto HOPE & my heavenly savior JESUS CHRIST

Just as Jaycee Dugard the child stolen for 18 yrs. I to have to hold onto HOPE as that is all we have besides our precious girls that kept her going also keeps me going. As I watched her Primetime special it was amazing to see she really carries no bitterness in her heart & this is what were suppose to do for those who persecute us in every way they can as they will have a day to be judge by the highest judge of all our creator~!! It is shameful when they hide their secrets to the world but the Lord in heaven sees all~!! Pray for a world where it's Satan's playground right now but God is still the omega our beginning & end~!!

Psalm 37-12-13
The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes at him with his teeth. The Lord laughs at him, for he sees his day is coming.

Last Tuesday July 5th 2011 my girls were on a "family visit" with their grandparent's & my oldest flew in from Seattle to see them as well & help with the youngest as both younger girls are also on the spectrum & since the county decided to stop the wheat & gluten free diet my youngest was strictly on for 5 yrs. she was a handful for all of them. I was not allowed to go & be around them because I have Aspergers~!!
You may not believe it's all because of  "Aspergers" but it absolutely is~!! Sadly our world is Satan's playground. So NOTHING should shock anyone. I want to explain the word (Neglect) and it's meaning out of a dictionary (To disregard, to pay little or no attention or respect. Leave unnoticed.) I spent the 1st 6 yrs. of my youngest life correcting all the thing's needed to be corrected due to her autism & cerebral palsy so she had 4 eye surgeries & the doctor told me Linda if the glasses don't stay on her face she'll need a 5th as the muscle will weaken, well guess what due to neglect in foster care she is never seen with her glasses on & now her eye is turning in, her behavior was almost uncontrollable when visiting her grandparent's due to the state taking her off her gluten/wheat free diet I had her on for 5 yrs. after countless hours on the computer researching what would make her better from vomiting & blood in her stool besides her off the wall behavior. More neglect  they call it stress from her phone calls with her momma because she has poop in her panties but I found out she is not using toilet paper after a bowl movement because in a FFA home the highest paid foster home nobody is helping this poor child. The dentist told my child if you don't brush those teeth were going to take off the braces but due to her sensory issues nobody cares about, they just let her do it all alone & say she lies saying she brushed them but didn't so her teeth are going to be rotten but they sure collect the money~!!!!!! Why are you getting paid so much if your not going to see to this special needs child's needs ?? Nobody will ever love or care for her like her mother~!!!!
A e-mail was sent out by me about how inappropriate it is for a adult male social worker to take the youngest more severely autistic out for trips for ice cream & then to fly alone with her, drive a hour alone in the car to my parent's, so explaining this in my e-mail and as it shocked my 80 yr. old father, I get routinely phone calls every Tuesday but because he got that e-mail we were ALL punished & did not receive it on Tuesday as I was suppose to. As I called later & my oldest stated the younger two were waiting by the phone as was I @ home but the call never came. This is very sad & against the law as they are court ordered~!! Not shocking as I have been alienated away from my youngest for 9 mos. now due to a falsified report~!! as my own mother asked her if her mother ever pulled her arm, she said "huh" and my daughter told her this is why they are not letting you see your mom, did she pull your arm and hurt you ? "NO" she replied~!! Also I was blocked from my 14 yr. old's facebook page 2-3 month's ago but I found out through a family friend their was a adult male posting on her page & is a employee where she lives but they did nothing so I again called the police like the first time when she was sexually assaulted & filed a report because they wouldn't. I pray everyday for these people (which I am kind enough not to mention~!!) As other's all over don't mind putting out their names of who in court was the corrupt judge, corrupt social worker's etc.... but I am not at all out for blood as I strive hard in my life to please GOD not people & their will be justice someday just not by me. God is my witness to it all. I have asked God despite all they do to overflow my heart with more love for those who persecute me as I want to be a living example of Christ. As I cling close to his word's in the bible & it sustains my strength.

Psalm 37-17-18
For the arms of the wicked will be broken, but the Lord sustains the righteous. The Lord knows the day's of the blameless, and their inheritance will be forever.

For the Lord loves justice, and does not forsake his godly ones.

We are given a "choice" by God on which way we choose are destiny and mine is going to be with a loving God in a beautiful place, where their will be no more pain, sorrow, broken heart's, tears and I will be their in complete "safety" with him so if this is God's will to live without "his children" for now then so be it and give him the glory as they belong to him anyways. I am @ peace with life & I am learning so much to prepare me for his kingdom. One thing I have learned is "I WAS HIS CHOSEN ONE" to be a God warrior to teach other's how to live in a fiery trial & get as close to God as you possibly can because it is HE that supplies all to each & every one of us. I even thank him for what has been done because I would not be who I am today without it. See God, knows every intricate part of our being so are needs are not a surprise to him & when you submit yourself unto him as broken & sincerely needing him he can do wonders to even just one. Life it's only really a journey when you turn it into one & the ride is better then any other ride you can imagine.

A faithful witness will not lie, but a false witness will utter lies   Proverbs 14-5

A false witness shall not be punished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape. Proverbs 19-5

            May God bless all your day's ahead & give you all strength,wisdom,patience,peace & love~!!

                                                         God's girl Linda Souza

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