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June 11, 2012  Court Hearing

Seriously do they think I am going to stop posting ALL ILLEGAL things this courthouse does and tries to keep secret. I am a woman of courage, justice & a warrior for my savior Jesus Christ & he said if they persecute me they will persecute you as well and it's being done~!!! If I never parent my girls again while under 18 then that is solely the Lords decision NOT theirs as they may think~!! 
Commissioner Michael Imhoff is a very lost soul & I pray for him daily as he once sat outside reading his paper & smoking his cigarettes & I went out & told him my children mean just as much to me as his cigarettes do to him and sadly he shows NO RE-GUARD for families & keeping them together~!! He is the most selfish man who once was a father & had children that looked up to him I am sure but he shows NO AUTHORITY over his courtroom~!! You become a attorney BEFORE you can be a commissioner so he clearly knows the law & knows it's being broken~!! I wonder truly why you would want to wear the robe but not have the ability to give one credit for all the hard work I have done solely on my own. I was told by one of his own deputies that he is well known around courtroom 9 for giving ALL AUTHORITY to the county~!! He appointed me as my own attorney, but NEVER lets me speak. I believe God want's me to be the lighthouse in the courtroom where people just have jobs, tend to their own problems in life & continue to pass judgment on someone who has overcome so much adversity in my life~!!

I learned today in Luke 6 44-45 it's all about a unhealthy attitude & I refuse to lower my standards to the devils level. If you look in Romans 12-2 We can renew our minds & not let Satan drain us of our belief we are "special" & created for a great purpose. Then in Ephesians 3-17 "May Christ through faith (actually) dwell (settle down, abide, make his permanent home) in your hearts~!! May you be rooted deep in love founded securely on love" Also in Colossians 2-7 it also states about "keeping Jesus planted firmly in your soul."

I went in just as peaceful, relaxed and shared all I have done to regain custody or at the least move forward with more visits and a relationship the COUNTY stripped me & my children of~!!
So as of yesterday 6-11-12 I was served with a contempt of court for my blog~ where is my "freedom of speech" I was told by my previous attorney I could say ANYTHING concerning the way I did not like what the social workers, commissioner, baliff etc... was doing, guess not with them as they count what they want as wrong but they can violate the Ca. welfare codes of "Family getting the children first BEFORE entering foster care." and my parents house was checked out twice and approved as was my older daughter 28 and approved but the kids never went there because of there remarks "Your Linda's mother & you won't follow our rules." or my daughter was told "You have a close relationship with your mom, and she flies up often to see you." 

Then my lovely 15 yr. old has been so brainwashed by Angel Neilsen of San Paqual Academy (her social worker) some young women who just had a baby, like she's mother of the year ?? So my daughter runs back and tells them everything behind her own blood family & gets us in trouble, but she was told she could attend my daughter's wedding in Seattle in August but not the other 13 yr. old sister who is more impacted & disabled with autism but the 15 yr. old told my oldest daughter, "They trust me, if I came back I would tell them what went on." Well sorry my dear as my family don't pick "favorites" just because you have become "Imhoffs pet" doesn't work that way so YOU WILL NOT BE AT HER WEDDING OR AT THE GRANDPARENTS IF YOUR SISTER CANNOT ATTEND~!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beyond hurt anymore as my God controls it all. She has died her hair, that was once a beautiful auburn color and they allow her to do such things a child should not have the ability to go and do but they don't care for her she is there money ticket but I raised her right & she now has to become responsible for her life & where she is headed & put on about 20 pounds but the county told me I was feeding her poor eating habits, oh but they have done a great job~!!! It's called not absorbing protein & your body retains fat due to being on the "autism spectrum" she may look healthy but really is malnutrition.  Believe me I know as I had the test done and have the exact same condition as my girls so I am a bit smarter then those lost souls who are killing my children~!!
I feel for my girls as they were raised in a good home, going to church, learned all there manners, learned it's better to give then receive so they are ideal children for the welfare program to collect those mighty federal funds they collect off them~!!  If my kids swore, spit, kicked, broke things, ran away they send them back licitly split~!!
(IMHOFF believes my daughters grades are due to her ability & most are but if she had a drug addict or alcoholic for a mother, who spent more time with men then teaching her, reading to her, educating her & sending her to a private school in Washington where she had one on one help, she wouldn't be where she's at so come on Imhoff give credit again where it's due~!!)

I have NOTHING more to loose my girls were KIDNAPPED in 2009 & no matter what I have achieved even running my car into the ground now with bald tires, 35,000 miles, wear & tear on my engine going down to Scripps ranch to see Dr. Alan Lincoln @ CARES who don't care a darn about families either as I drove 73.5 miles weekly a year & a half and he and his assistant Dr. Kathryn Pedgrift who is now a psychologist as well both sat in that office last week & both agreed what was being done to me was WRONG but refuse to have the ..... to write a letter saying so. How can you really want to help autistic people if you can't stand up for what is right ?? It is very, very confusing to me, I guess cause I believe in rules, telling the truth etc....
So in Matthew 7-1-2  The bible talks about reaping & sowing : "DO NOT judge and criticize and condemn others, so that you may not be judged and criticized and condemned yourselves. For just as you judge and criticize and condemn others, you will be judged and criticized and condemned, and in accordance with the measure you (use to) deal out to others, it will be dealt out again to you."
I read in court to them all this bible verse Matthew Ch 7 V-12   "So then whatever you desire that others would do to and for you, even so do also to and for them for this is the law and the prophets."  ( This is the GOLDEN RULE to live by & teach your children which God knows I did.)
So now June 25th I am suppose to attend the hearing to be arrested for contempt for my blog and texting my 15 yr. old on Mothers Day she told them about but if they had seen that one text they would have seen the other one after talking to Lincoln about he urged me to apologize & I did explaining to her I was sorry my emotions got in the way I reacted but that was never notice nor was I given credit for it so again they see & hear what they want from a child . So maybe now with my service dog beside me and going to jail together, the media will want to shoot this story. My dog reduces my anxiety being a adult on the spectrum & they cannot deny me to have her as I will sue as I did Quizno's for not allowing me to be served because I couldn't bring her in and I put them out of business~!! This has gone way to far and if people cannot read and see this is nothing but DISCRIMINATION & picking on a disabled adult, bullying, intimidating, instilling fear in one, & using my children as pawns~!!!!!

I WILL NEVER EVER BE SILENT OF THE ABUSE, NEGLECT, MISCONDUCT, KIDNAPPING OF INNOCENT CHILDREN, MEDICALLY ABUSING CHILDREN WITH CELIAC DISEASE OFF THEIR MUCH NEEDED DIET~!!  My poor children are medically sick and had seizures, blood in her stool, vomited, muscle aches, headaches, skin issues (eczema) on and on as I had them on the wheat free diet 5 years. The youngest is legally blind and yet NEVER has on her glasses at visits & has had 4 eye surgeries already.

Outside the courtroom was a man who told "Berta Atkinson" my attorney who lost my girls to the state "I got custody of my boy (15) but he two day's ago was arrested on a DUI charge but had his kid.



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  1. this is soe sad i hope u gt ur childrn back wth u - i wsh ppl wold see us autistiks as responsible an awsom ppl that deserve everything that others in society hav an dnt have tu fight tu have -bless u an may u gt ur children back wth u