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On April 16, 2009  I was depressed and over whelmed. I spent 3 days in the hospital. 
My daughters were taken away from me without a phone call offering them to my family.

Once I was discharged I was told I was NOT a danger to myself or anyone else so my girls should have been returned to me according to many attorney's I've spoken to.

Can you believe in America, in the county of San Diego, Health and Human services has once again  committed the act of medical neglect and abuse of my children in their care !!

 I have informed the county my two autistic daughters are wheat and gluten intolerant. So why would they allow there care givers to continue to feed them foods which will harm them.

I even made and placed a medical alert bracelet on the wrist of my 14 yr. old who once had seizures due to eating wheat and gluten and to help protect her in the hope someone would care. 
I placed her on her life saving diet that  relieved all of these symptoms: 

Red ears, checks, eczema, body aches, irritability, blood in her stool from a bleeding intestines,vomiting, severe behaviors, yeast that grows in the gut and insomnia.

I gave Social Services, Dr. Sandra Lee MD. and faxed Connie Cain all packets showing the link between autism, the brain and the gut issues that both my daughters and I suffer from.

Today May 8th a hearing was held to add more psychotropic drugs to my 14 year old and I feel it was fixed so I would miss this hearing, as my attorney nor I was told it was moved for the very first time in four years to downtown San Diego.

While I was driving to the court my attorney called me informing me of the judges decision to DENY placing my daughter back on her diet she was on for five years while in my care. ALL behaviors, illnesses and seizures had gone away. 

With the documented proof I gave them all on 3 different occasions of there medical needs it's ignored intentionally every single day.

Sadly my daughter is now once again having seizures, severe behaviors and all of these symptoms listed above as well as poisoning my daughter's body and brain while she is forced to eat wheat and gluten. 

The medical professional placed her on  psychotropic drugs to mask the behaviors, seizures and all that's wrong with her today!

I spent 5 days in jail back in 2012 for contempt of a court ordered to keep my mouth shut and speaking out about this continued medical neglect.  

Well I can rot in jail as ANY caring and loving parent who had major concerns for their child would do. I will continue speak up and fight for my children.

 I cannot sit back and "agree" with these people that what they are doing is right when each time I see my very sick child and watch her deteriorate more and more each time I see her. 

This child is moderately affected with autism and mild cerebral palsy. She cannot fight for herself.  No one else even including the court appointed CASA "Lolly" will advocate for these girls.
I was told by someone who has wheat and gluten intolerance siblings and celiac disease that these people have 10x higher chances of getting cancer and dying younger. 

As the mother of these girls I have lived with the very same condition all my life. 
One child has already fought hard to live being born premature at 4 lbs.
Living through many hospitalizations being sick early on she had health issues as well as the oldest in the hospital being fed through her nose due to vomiting up milk (intolerance) at 6 months old.

For them to not just ignore but plain ABUSE them with their conditions, of wheat intolerance is sickening and their department is called "health and human services" !! 

Besides the psychological abuse to us all for keeping them alienated away from their only parent they have ever known, who gave them an awesome life and went above and beyond for all their medical and educational needs. This has caused us all to suffer PTSD continually.

Now I am solely being DISCRIMINATED AGAINST due to my own diagnosis of Aspergers. I have long proved to the court I deserved my children back a very long time ago.

And since I was never offered any services including reunification I found and did all on my own.
I completed  MANY things over the last 4 years. Submitting it all into the court but all is intentionally ignored-!!!!! (Even drug addicts get back their kids)

My attorney's have told me my girls should of been returned to me immediately!
Instead they were placed in a permanent plan from the very start "to kidnapped them" as a psychologist once told me in doing juvenile court for 10 years he has NEVER seen it go directly into a straight  permanent plan!! 

Well their is a God and he is a God of justice and he will deal with them someday please just pray for my precious girls that God will keep them safe and I am sure one day I will have a best seller.

 I have never used drugs or alcohol in a abusive manner. I have never neglected or harmed my children.

 I do have a mild disability but my intelligence is 99% and I have raised one adult daughter already whom is a awesome asset to society and gives me all the credit to why she is. 

ALL six of my former county attorneys and a 7th I hired on my own all agreed I wasn't being treated fairly and that they felt the social workers had it out for me as noted in a e-mail by their supervisor of the DLG.
I was even made to be my own attorney for one year (but couldn't parent?) 
I am on my tenth attorney since this all began four years ago.

 GOD will bring justice to it all.

Thanks for reading, God bless

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