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This was suppose to be a safe place where children who had been abused or neglected by parent's brought for visitation, instead it is where my child showed me & Norma Mendez signs of neglect in the foster home and each time they listened but she went right back there and my girls were NOT abused or neglected by me one was brought for 1-hour visits twice a month and only the youngest who can't be brainwashed would attend the oldest has (Stockholm syndrome) a form of brain washing where the kidnappers become her protectors and I now I am the enemy happened in many public cases like (Jaycee Dugard & Elizabeth Smart) these are just two as the longer they live with their kidnapper's they become so dysfunctional they learn to live in it for years & years.

This is my story here as of last week my daughter who has autism & mild cp is 14 but functions a little below but very intelligent and as always I am to keep quiet and not ask about her "home life" at the foster home. Well the over-bearing women Norma left the room and left a "in training man to do the supervision." I felt my daughter would feel comfortable enough to talk, she turned to see if Norma was present & then felt comfortable enough to say "Well see this" and took off her shoe and showed me a huge bruise on top of her foot. I asked what happened she said "I fell after taking a shower." and I said "Where was Gloria the foster mom? " She said "She wasn't there but her adult daughter was downstairs." Did she hear you fall ? No as she was downstairs and I was upstairs. "Nobody took you to have it x-rayed."

She began to really cry and said "It hurt all day momma, I' couldn't walk on it." So knowing my child I said and what else happened, she said "Well when Gloria came home I showed her she said "We all get bruises, see mine." Then the tears really flowed and she said "I told the truth momma, but Gloria H. told me NOT to tell you as she wanted no complaining." I was very upset but held my composure and took pictures as always and saw her toes again were so long. I told her how proud of her I was for telling me the truth as momma has always taught you to do. She was terrified and kept saying "Now I am going to get into trouble as I was told not to tell." It took me and an additional supervisor in training to calm her saying he was going to talk to the foster mom in returning my daughter. In homes where adults are present and in the highest paying FFA home where it's about $2,000 a month to be paid to watch a child as mine they are to be there caring for them 24/7 (what if... she slipped unattended and hit her head causing her to go unconscious ?) but she left her in the care of someone else probably not even certified to watch her but was downstairs attending to her own child(ren) but then the ultimate sin is for an adult to lie to a child to keep a secret from her mother see because Gloria was not there and she runs not only a foster home but a licensed daycare she is the provider in and a mandated reporter.

 After she returned, my daughter showed her the bruise and her remark to my child was "We all get bruises, see mine." showed her a bruise on herself. This is what aches my heart, a falsified report about me was written up on me 2 years prior stating I pulled this child (whom was premature in my care) by the arm, she was taken to Palomar Hospital where not a single mark, bruise or injury was found (because I never pulled her arm) but I was kept from seeing my precious child for one year and a half~!! The neglect, abuse & psychological damage that has impacted this poor child and my oldest have both suffered at the hands of San Diego County is appalling and is killing my girls, the medical neglect alone has caused my daughter (youngest) to now be back having petite grand mal seizures as before, irritability, sleeplessness, blood in her stool, eczema on her face & hands, her gut surely is a mess with bacteria as she is craving wheat and sugar again~!! So the county's answer medicate her with many psychotropic drugs some intended only over 18 but she's on it at 14.


The supervisor over at Casa de Amparo Emily Morgan promised me she would file a CPS report but instead I was called by Norma Mendez telling me the visit's would no longer be held there and that they would be moved back to social services in Escondido. Emily told me she is a therapist. She's trained in sign's of abuse & made the descion to move me to a more stressful place back at a CPS office. Oh yeah she cares about neglected children or adults.
 I assume holds a degree in it and we talked prior to this visit for sometime and she told me that I surely had PTSD as well as the child because we come there and relive this nightmare every other week over the last 4 years. She sat and talked with great empathy that day but then it seems her care went all out the window. She even shared "Linda our motive here at Casa de Amparo is to push to reunify the families and most quit coming but look at you still fighting after 4 years that's to be admired~!"
  It's sadly the children NOBODY really cares about, shoving them place to place, not getting services to help them with their feelings and all I am is punished with is jail for speaking out trying to protect and save my children from more harm or damage. This tells you something about them all here and the social workers as were punished "moved" back to another location just because I asked my daughter how were thing's going over at the foster home ? I believe it was because I am forewarned about asking "anything" concerning her placement, but if they have nothing to hide why is it a problem ?
 It was my daughter who offered to show me this bruise it was when I asked her how she acquired it is when the tears came flowing out and I know my child. She was terrified to "speak up" for herself as she softly said "Gloria H. told me not to say nothing to you as she wanted no "complaining" yeah because she is certified through the state as a FFA home and get's big $$$$ for her daycare/foster care home and for any child not just mine to screw that up for her would mean all her & her children's lavish trips, shopping spree's etc... out the window. Then to my shock they brought in a man "in training" and he took my child home that day. Do they have any concern for my daughter's safety that had already been abused by her biological father and yet let's this man just take her home unsupervised himself ??

Then to top it off I have been feeding my child the wheat/gluten diet 5 years prior to them kidnapping her, that won't hurt her gut and my attorney say's "Linda, they have been checked out for gluten intolerance and show none." how sad is that as ALL of us know especially with autistic children there is ABSOLUTELY NO TEST to show intolerance to anything~!!!  
                                              I pray for them all~!!

We may suffer here on this earth but we will have eternity to spend in heaven with our father.

                                           This is her foot with the bruise in current FH.

                            This is a bite mark on her arm from adult in (FIRST) foster home.
                                          This is the condition her ear was in on a visit
                                           in her present foster home.

                                        Severe redness happens on the skin with food allergies,
                                    besides behaviors, hyperactivity,spitting,biting,seizures
                              there now treating her with drugs to compensate these behaviors.
                                                                 (SEE BELOW)

                     Her toenails were so long and I was told by Norma Mendez I should
                   spend my hour visits teaching her to trim them on her own
                  when she is in the highest paid FFA for that reason she is incapable
                 of doing these things on her own. This is my 1-hour time to visit my child in fact
                  were not allowed to watch video's and who get's paid ? Norma always saw                                     these things and yet this was never considered neglect in her eyes ??

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