Sunday, July 21, 2013

Amber Nicole Souza
was my firstborn & has a heart of gold. 
Montanna Arianna Souza    
She came as a strong-willed child
but has the brain of a scholar ready for Harvard.                                                            

Shellbe Alexis Souza 

Arrived prematurely but
was blessed to have a loving spirit that touches heaven & beyond. 

God blessed me with three wonderful children. I am proud to say. I will always be there mother no matter who gets in the way. I could of never thought I could be so happy in life but I was as each new day past and with every waking smile they had to share with me it was love at first sight. I raised all 3 on my own with no help from there fathers but I was given the strength to overcome divorce, domestic violence, rape and then living with a autistic man, my youngest two's father whom I did not know was autistic but his heart was good and after what I survived in my first marriage it seemed rewarding. I later discovered I was on the spectrum slightly as are my youngest two. So there were challenges but nothing I could not survive. 
I know our children can teach us sometimes better then we teach them. I will always know I did a great job as a mother and I now thank God for all the time I was given to be there mother in the home. I will not walk in fear of what the enemy has taken but stand proud for what I taught each and every one of them as I was there role model. My girls will always be just that, they will someday know the truth and it will set them free of any negative statements, remarks they were ever told about me. God has secured his spot in my heart so I will believe exactly what his words tell me and in Jeremiah 29-11 his plans for my life are good & not to harm me. We are here on earth a limited amount of time and it's in that time that we choose how to live and what to live by. I am grateful of what I was blessed to have and in God's timing it will be given back to me & for my patience & perseverance I will be rewarded double. I am glad I have no unforgiven thoughts in my heart & no bitterness on my tongue. We all reap what we sow and my fields are cultivated regularly to kill the weeds. It's been amazing being a mom I believe it's the most rewarding job I could of ever done. I am respected and surely loved so the peace is felt deep within my soul. God has been my answer for every trial I have ever endured and I have seen only one set of footprints many times throughout my life and know it was then that Jesus carried me through. I have been transformed to a new creature in Christ.
 I thank him for all the precious and very meaningful times I shared in each one of my children's lives. I have no regrets and I am positive I did the very best I could do as a single parent. 
I am grateful to all the teachings I have now learned and will always rely on my awesome faith. I am a mother but most of all I am a representative for Christ and with that I will retain my freedom to speak of all God has taught me walking through this fire. If you abide in him he can & will take you places you never thought possible while here on earth. I am proud of who I have now become in wisdom, faith, love, mercy, patience, perseverance & my ability to fall in love with my heavenly father. I am saved by his grace for my Redeemer lives~!!!

                  Thank You Jesus for your gifts I was given
                  and the gifts you graciously taught me to have.

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