Thursday, October 26, 2017

We took Shellbe on a road-trip to Oregon but told her we were heading to a BIG carnival in Oregon. We all stayed in the Sheridan hotel the night before. All was good as Amber & I hid it well. So the next morning arrives and we go down to have breakfast and enjoy our time knowing they didn't open til 10:00 a.m. ROLOFF FARMS. We headed just 15 minutes away from the hotel she was relaxed but asking why did we have to come to Oregon to go to a Halloween carnival ?
I told her this was a very "special" one~!! As we started down the dirt road with pumpkins signs everywhere, I asked "Shellbe do you see the carnival yet." She replied "No." I said "Because we are going down the path to Rolloff Farms, little people big world." A scream as loud as thunder came out of her and she rolled around in the back seat with so much excitement it was all caught on video I will upload on my Facebook page & the Roloff Farms page. I have promised Shellbe this trip long before she was kidnapped by CPS. She & I have watched this show together since the oldest were teenagers now there 27. It was a dream come true for her as when we pulled into the parking lot she jumped out of the car leaving me in the dust. She was so eager to meet all the Roloffs she could. Once getting her calmed down and seen a bit of the farm, she spots Amy Roloff not knowing there was a line she bolted up to her and said hi, I took a quick snapshot and apologized to all in line. Nobody noticed though. So as we went and saw all the fun things they had to do there it was better then a fair. Then I heard Matt was riding around on his mule buggy so captured a shot of him but was to busy running his farm he said "be back later." We went on the tour around most of there 108 acres I believe where there houses, play yards, soccer field, tennis & basketball caged area was & of course the sheriffs station. The huge pirate ship that was recently restored. So after visiting the store a second time we run into Lisa which is Amy's BFF & boy did Shellbe talk her ears off, but she loved Shellbe's curly hair. She is a very sweet women so we got pics of them. Then we found Caryn who is now Matt's girlfriend and naturally Shellbe wanted to chat a bit with her and have her sign her shirt. She to was a lovely lady & Matt's girlfriend. So as we just sat down to rest by the tractors that had taken us around someone said "Jeremy is driving one of the tractors." so I look and there he is so I slide Shellbe through a side gate and say "Jeremy please my daughter really wants to meet you so he said "Sure." we got a few pics and I told him congrats on Ember Jean and God bless them, what a gentleman. Our service dog even enjoyed the activities that day. As it was getting late we had heard Zack was there earlier but went home due to not feeling well and Shellbe was bummed because she really wanted to meet him because he is "different" like her with her autism. So as we were getting ready to leave we talked to Lisa one last time to relay a message to Zack how much she missed seeing him. Then she wanted to find out about a private tour with just a Roloff so we found Caryn again at the info booth. Well unbeknownst to Shellbe I called Rolloffs farms twice telling them we were coming clear from Kirkland, Wa about 4 hours away and said a bit about Shellbe's foster care story & gave them this blog and said she just wants to see someone~!! Well Amber asked if it were possible to meet Matt, and Caryn paused and said "Oh my gosh, your the ones that called about this little girl." I said "Yep that would be me." She said "Absolutely, you will get a personal VIP pass by me as he would be mobbed if he came out. She radioed Matt to come to the back by the tractors and he said "Already here getting Jeremy some food he's in a grumpy mood hasn't eaten." So we go around the back and Matt's on his mule and Shellbe goes up and hugs him and he say's "Aww sweet." she was elated to say the very least. We got some great shots. So it was all worth the surprise of a lifetime to her. We said our goodbyes & left. I was so happy I could make-up for what the county stole from my precious girl. She doesn't want to wash her shirt thinking there signatures will come off. Yesterday we sent off them some pictures & Shellbe wrote everyone a thank you note it was sweet. She has such a huge 💖 for people with differences like herself.

                                         Thanks, Roloffs


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