Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Today's visit~9-7-10


Today was just awesome as I had a wonderful time with my precious girls. Montanna had come home from school for being sick so they weren't sure if she was going to show but do you think she'd miss her momma over a tummy ache, I think not~: )  I am ever so important in my girls lives no matter the time and distance put between us. I prayed very hard for my heart to spew nothing but love and it did, as God is alway's faithful to my prayers. Shellbe was ms. talkative because she missed me last week but loved her chocolate milk momma put on ice for her and their chocolate chip cookies as I never go without a ice chest with drinks and a bag of snacks as I have alway's been a thoughtful momma to my girls. Just to see their beautiful smiles made my heart melt like butter. Montanna is so smart, she's bored in science cause their not doing anything "deep enough" for her brain. There growing up and at least I am allowed to watch my girls grow and I thank the good Lord for that. I took Shellbe's pictures this week to her of her family, and Ronald McDonald and last was her and Tanna together. I told her to put them by her bed when she say's her prayers she can see her family. She said "Momma your alway's in my heart" so my baby has her angels around her taking care of her so it makes me feel better as she also said "God has angels looking out for me" and every picture I have done of Shellbe has orbs on her so their is I know at least the one that Shellbe told me when she was 3 and was taken into foster care after her father abused her and I went into the hospital with a nervous breakdown after I found out their was evidence found on her. At the foster home Shellbe was locked in a room and not allowed outside of it and one day on a visit she told me about "Darla" how she was very bright, and very beautiful with lots of colors and she explained how she visits her and keeps her company,she's my friend she said. I know God had a "Special" angel then as he does now because of Shellbe's autism and trusting people as she does. I know Shellbe has seen something beyond what we will ever see here on earth. God takes care of his children. I am so thankful for this tribulation to work for the good in my life to trasform my heart to be full of love and obidence for my father. I have learned so much and give thanks everyday for all of what God gives and even takes away because I am closer to that enchanted kingdom I will forever be with my precious girls for sure. Thank's to all for reading my blog and if you give your heart to Jesus you can overcome any tribulation you encounter and it only makes you wiser and stronger for him.
May God richly bless each one of you like he has me.

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