Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My visit on 10-12-10


This is very sad I must say as today was full of silence as none of us had much to say I guess. The toll is evident on my girls faces as their in fear of what to say. I asked daughter # 11 to pose for me as I was going to shoot a cell phone picture and was ordered to stop and said if you proceed were terminating the visit. It wasn't ever court ordered I couldn't take pictures it was only said not to place new stuff concerning the girls placement or pictures of them.  Which I have followed as I have the right to freedom of speech concerning what I am not happy with for what the system does to innocent families. My girls are lost in their own world as I don't feel a presence of closeness anymore which excites the social workers involved in their purpose to what they wanted to succeed in. It's a shame a good mother can be so disgraced and treated in this manner by such a corrupt system that isn't looking out for the best interest of my girls, for instance I was given papers to file with the court if I am against putting my child #11 on psycotropic meds again for the 3rd time with 6 different meds while in state's care. Since they won't listen to her own mother about a diet GFCF I had placed her on for 5 years after mom's of a autistic support group told me to try taking the wheat food away and see if their was a change and WOW was their, her attenion,aggressive behavior,vomitting,blood in stool and eczema all ceased. She talked better,slept better,focused better and all the biting,spitting,kicking etc... went away I had a different child. Now because she won't focus,behave,has eczema,surely blood in the stool and still shows signs of some aggressive behavior towards her own dog but they believe their "fix" is to medicate the child with many different meds to get her under control. So it was evident today she has lost some weight since her last visit and was very quiet and unresponsive to me talking to her. I am very concerned. How can this be o.k. with America ? I am baffled I don't have more outrage from other families and media attention to these children's suffering and being used as a lab rat is. Child #13 was not as angry today but very quiet as well. I asked why she is not connecting to her family with phone calls and she claims she's (busy) or said "everytime I go up to the office to get someone to supervise the call their is never nobody who can." She is in despair as I am. I am going to fight as far as I can possibly go even to Wa. D.C. to pass "Linda's Law" so nobody disabled will ever have to indure severe discrimination as we have as a family. All the attorney's I have spoken to are very aware it is truely wrong in our treatment so at least their viewing this from my perspective as it is the truth~!! I will never, ever give up doing what needs to be done for my girls and others so I will get justice in this world. I have nothing to be shameful for and I will not allow this corrupt entity to slander,mistreat,discriminate,abuse,neglect and use us as they have as we will win in the end. I will never give up sharing my story so the world can here how one autistic mother took it to the extreme to raise awareness to help other autisitc's to know you can use your disability to your full ability and overcome anything in life.

                                       God be with you all, Linda Souza

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