Tuesday, October 19, 2010

**Visit that didn't happen, so sad** 10-19-2010

I am beyond disbelief this is happening. I took so much pride in making cupcakes,getting milk in the ice chest,cups,games just to make my visit so perfect. I battle a deep rain storm, a accident on the freeway but arrived just on time. I went into the office to find Shellbe and I was told to go to the room for the visit and has I had many bags,ice chest and yet no one offered to help me so as Shellbe tried we paused and both asked why Montanna wasn't their for the visit so all they told us was ask Montanna, she's at school so I became upset as did Shellbe because she has been kept from her sister as they were both promised last friday they would get together for a sibling visit it never happened according to Shellbe and it was court ordered a month ago for sibling visits to start right away. Then the social worker said "we tried" so Shellbe became very distraught and clinging to me saying mommy I don't want to go, I want to stay for a visit but I had already swore accidently out of frustration so they said come on Shellbe were not having a visit. She again asked where's my sister. They said "At school" Shellbe said "Schools out,momma I think they put her in another foster home" and she really became upset saying "I have a voice,listen to me. My mom is a good mom and I miss my sister,my mom waste alot of gas to come here" I tried to console her and I was asked "Linda your the adult better make the right decision" I again asked where's Montanna. He said "You need to get a supervised phone call and ask her" I said "She won't call any memeber of her family anymore due to this mess and the suprvision" So I again tried to encourage Shellbe to go but she said "Mom what their doing is wrong and I have a voice and want to tell the cops my side of the story" O.k. Shellbe so the cops came were very nice and more understanding then the staff memebers. Finally I was told to say goodbye so as she cried all the way to the car and didn't want to go, she left. I finally asked the supervisor Rex why wasn't Montanna their he again said "call her" as the cop stood their I agan said"Why didn't Montanna show up" he said "She just didn't want to come she is here,but choose not to come and I don't know why". I said "Montanna has done some self injury behavior to and may think of suicide as they have placed her on meds she is unclear what they are when I asked her. I told him if my daughter hurt's herself in anyway I am holding each and everyone of you accountable got his card and left. I am so pissed off as he is a psychologist and allows these kids emotional abuse to still go on. I am NOT a threat to my girls but I was never called before hand explaining Montanna would not be their where I could of processed it better and explained it to Shellbe so instead my impulse takes control because all I see is my daughter is going downhill and didn't want to visit us for what deep seeded reason ?  I only get 1-hour once a week and I expect to see my children as I have been told if I am not going to show they need a 24-hour notice or my visit WILL NOT be re-scheduled. I am going to contact the media,papers,more lawyers and show this is such a bias case of pure discrimination against my entire family. For lands sake I was just a mother, a good mother,never hurt,harmed,neglected my kids in any way and yet look at our treatment now 18 months later. Anyone if you can help me to go to Wa, DC to pass a bill for people like me. "LINDA'S LAW" No more discrimination against disabled individuals please let me know what I can do.

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  1. So very sorry, Linda. Still praying for you and the girls.