Wednesday, August 18, 2010

** A letter to God **

Dear God,                                                                                       

         I am writing to you to share my thoughts and ask for forgiveness to some I may have hurt. It was you who created me in all aspects and I know you don't make junk~!! You can create the world in 7 short day's I know you can do wonders by me. As you know the trial I have been given, it's a leap of faith because you hand-picked me of all people to be your warrior. I am learning alot of what I am suppose to do but sometimes my worldly mind and body kick in and here's where I need you, as I need forgivness for this human heart and mind because sometimes it doesn't alway's act right. I need more patience father, patience for you to do the work in me you have planned to do. I need more love father, love to pour out from my soul for people of authority so I can be that example you expect of me. I certainly always need strength father, strength to show the world that is watching I can do this despite the unbealieveable pain it is to live each day without my precious girls. They were yours before they were mine and I know you love them sooo much more then I ever could and I thank you for the time I was given to raise & teach them the direction of you. I pray each day almost hourly for understanding but I know your way's are way beyond more then I could ever imagine. You have a plan for us I know and I will continue to follow and have faith and know soon you will bring this to pass. I love you father for all the things you have given and taken away. Thank you father for the hope instilled in my heart for another day to live for you and to know that I never have to worry as you always provide and care for me this child of yours. Please let it be me, your child of God to be brave and strong even when the tears flow like a waterfall and my mind feels defeated, knowing full well I have nothing to fear. Teach me your way's lord so I can be a living, breathing example of what you want people to know about their purpose for being here. I am weak but you have made me strong and it is you father that laid your life down for me so this tribulation is nothing of what you endured for all of us. I am thankful for this chance to live for you, to show others the incrediable determination I have to be righteous before you. I want to give of myself through you as much as possible. Help me my God to focus on what you want me to do, so I don't blame others for my own mistakes. Show me self-control father so I may be a good example for my girls. Build me up in order to build up others. Have mercy on me father more then anything. I know why the girls are in your care you will protect them and I thank you for this, please keep in their hearts the memories the lives they lived before so as they move forward they will never forget me. Lastly it is my prayer everyone I ever wronged will forgive me. I am learning each day to live stronger, to be more loving, to earn respect, to be patient and wait on you Lord and I never ever could of done this without you father. Thank you Jesus,
                                            your daughter Linda
~~~~ Can you find the door in your heart to let God in ?~~~~ 2 Corinthians Ch 3 verse 2-3
You are our letter,written in our hearts,known and read by all men,being manifested that you are a letter of Christ cared for by us,written not with ink,but with the spirit of the living God,not on tablets of stone,but on tablets of human hearts.

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  1. This is a powerful letter Linda. I respect your determination to move forward in a positive direction in spite of the pain you endure each day without your daughters. I am here if you ever want to talk.