Sunday, August 15, 2010

~A must read~ Guidlines I wrote up to the department of request & questions

It needs to be said~! I sat down by the beach writing this all up as I feel I need answers as I never get any because the department won't aknowledge I am alive. I talked to my first appointed attorney and she explained where this is going the department is now filed this motion 388 i order to "prove" my visit's are detrimental to my girls so next they can terminate my parental rights. So the trial coming up in Sept. 14th is what is suppose to happen they want to prove this so I believe this is why they are making my visits almost impossible with accusations of poor behavior on my part. My God is so much bigger then any evil plans that will prosper as he knows my plan for my life.
Joshua 1-9 is my favorite "Have I not commanded you ? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go"
See if what I wrote up was good as I did get some good pointers from a lady in Berkley Ca. looking into my case as they oversee adults with disabilities being misused and abused by our goverment sytems as social services.   READ BELOW:

1) I just would like a response in understanding that in the 16 months so far the children have been in states care there has never been any increases in visit time, in fact it has been decreased and for 2 1/2 months I had absolutely no contact in person or by phone and this was done intentionally by the department as their was a standing court order for both~!!

2) I would like you to explain to me since the department seems to think I have a "Parenting Issue" why haven't I been offered parent-child interaction therapy ?

3) During our current visitations were not offered a specialist in autism although were all 3 autistic. Just two very untrained social workers from the county. So since the department has made my visits and time more stressful with my children and were all 3 being treated very unfairly per our disabilities that present with anxiety and it's been apparent to me my girls are suffering as I am being accused of inappropriate behavior in front of my children and having two county social workers who know nothing about autism, Shellbe is a tri-counties regional center client and deserves this as each time she is made to leave her mother in more restrictive way's as she was ordered last week she became very anxious and started to cry for Montanna. The department is know affecting our right's and dignity as human beings.

4) Working in a "special needs" unit it should be your concern for the affected child you are looking over to protect her emotions,feelings, and long term damage in alienating her from her only parent that has been there and raised her for her entire life and she does have a tight bond with. I would of hoped you could have more empathy on what damage ripping a "special needs autistic" child away from their good parent does to her emotional needs, induce more anxiety which has caused Shellbe to "body pick" something that happens in autism with the person is under stress~!!

5) I want it answered to why I have never seen or been offered a case plan to reunite as a family ?

6) Dr. Marotta gave me a copy of what he said "The department expected of me wanted my response to the questions, so I did that and turned it in and the department never acknowledged it can you explain why ?

7) If a parent makes every effort on their own to be reunited as I have :

A. Going into a crisis house to understand behaviors/depression

B. Taking a 6-week course on parenting being the only one in room not court ordered~!!

C. Attending a weekend seminar at SDSU on parenting "special needs children"

All done again finding it on my own and getting certificates after completing only to better myself as a parent and yet the department won't recognize it and work with me on a case plan in order to reunify ?

8) For 16 months I have been under the strictest supervision and many times in writing I have requesed a explanation to this was needed when I was never neglectful or abusive towards my children and yet it has been refused to ever be answered, Why ?

9) The department had two psyc. evals done and it was founded I have Aspergers and depressive disorder back in Aug 2009 and I have seen 3 different therapist none of whom were trained in/or to work with Autistic Spectrum Disorder so I will ask does this reflect you don't want to offer me the proper services for my diagnosed disability in order to better help me reunify with my family ?

10) Since the department is well aware that autism presents with some processing issues and the court system can be very overwhelming, I am requesting that the department offer me someone who works with autistic adults to be present at my next hearing on Sept. 14th that can help me process the court proceedings.

11) We were in court Aug 5th and I got the minute orders and it states I can have phone calls with my children and no where does it state "supervised". So today friday the 13th I waited for my regular phone call with Shellbe and it never came, now again working in your "special needs" unit this should concern you for a autistic child to have as much contact with her mother that has done nothing to her and the child needs a parent-child relationship so if this doesn't have anything concerning my disability why are my children being kept from me ?? Shellbe has much anxiety and not being able to process or understand why your department is keeping her from her only parent is something that will increase behaviors,anxiety,body picking and emotional outburst as she has been having leaving our visits~!!

12) If this wasn't about my Aspergers then explain to me that when other families have their children removed/taken into custody etc... for abuse,neglect,drugs,alcohol and anger issues they all get the red carpet rolled out for them offering case plans to attend treatment centers,parenting classes,anger management whatever else is needed for them to follow in order to get offered reunification services so just because I have a very unnoticeable diagnosis of Aspergers being I went all my life until diagnosed why am I not offered the same as everyone else ??

13) I am going to request that I be offered a interim-case plan meeting and Montanna's social worker along with her supervisor and yourself Steven and your supervisor and then in the event this takes place I will place in writing what accommodations I will need.

One last thing you need to hear, the word discretion is given to you in a huge way and for a mom who just wants' her kids back it's being used to extreme in my case to alienate us as a family~!!

Linda M.Souza

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