Thursday, August 12, 2010

~~ WHAT A DAY ~~

What a day, as it was filled with no sleep as my brain was so wired last night it wouldn't shut down so at 3:00 a.m. I decided to go over to Denny's for free wi-fi and sit and write. Then I went over early to take my shower at the boat docks and usually I am greeted with a kind heart to open the bathroom door but today was different in all my time coming here. I was met by a women I asked to hold the bathroom door, she paused looked at me and proceeded in so I followed. She used the bathroom and left but I noticed a bag with clothes so as I propped open the door to get my clothes, she came back and asked if that was my shoe. I said "yes" and she went in grabbed her bag and flew out of their, I guess she wantd a private shower that morning, I mean they are private she just wanted to be alone in the bathroom. So I took the quickest shower I have ever taken thinking she'd bring back with the calvary I hurried. She never returned. So Lily and I left their to go get a money order to file a credit check for the apartment. I never heard anything today but hopefully a yes tomorrow. Then we were off to the church to pray with someone to get some support for me when I go to my visit's so I am not alone and it's not only one-sided. Then we went to court to get our minute order and new dates for court and a number to call to hire me a new attorney. Then we went to t-mobil in the mall to pay my phone bill and I saw a Claires Montanna's favorite store so I went shopping for her and her sister. I found Montanna some vampire teeth necklace now her 26 yr. old sister want's them. Then I spent a good two hours in the car talking to a lady from berkley, Ca who is going to try and hook me up with some direction for help. Then I thought we'd come to our usual McDonalds and I noticed a crowd and guess who was in the play land the man Ronald McDonald himself playing with the kids, so later when he was taking pictures I explained about Shellbe being in foster care and said "She'd love a picture of you with her service doggy Lily Mae he said "Sure" so we did it. Now ain't he the man~!!  I am ready for bed tonight even if it is the back of a corolla. I am going to read the word and thank Jesus for all he does daily. Good night all, blessings to you.

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